Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cody's 18th Birthday Gift

It all started a few weeks ago when I asked Cody what he wanted for his 18th Birthday. He didn't know so it was a few days before he came to me with the idea to go see Jeff Dunham in Amarillo. I told him to go online and look for tickets and we would see about it. It worked out perfect when he came back with a $210.00 price tag per ticket so I was able to reasonably able to say no without him hounding me. The family got together and made it happen! We all agreed it was going to be the best surprise, if we could manage to keep it a secret.

Melinda and I had plans to work in Friona with another shop for the day and told Cody we had to go to Amarillo for business later that afternoon and made a big deal of not knowing where we needed to go to find the supplier we were looking for. He tried to get out of going to Amarillo with us when he walked over to see his uncle while Mel and I were working so I had to promise to stop at Academy to get his new bow strings. I thought he was going to figure it out when we arrived in Amarillo at 6:45 and had to get to the Civic center to get our tickets or we might miss part of the show.

We had another lucky break when we got downtown and there was road construction so there was no point for him to question all the traffic. He was reading the names of all the shops we passed trying to help me find the one I needed but never noticed the Amarillo Civic Center across the street from where I parked. Mel turned the camera on her cell phone on and I asked Cody to call my mom for directions. I was hilarious when he started giving me a hard time about being lost! You have to watch his reaction!

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